Orchid & Aroid Mix #2 - 1 Gallon - (Orchiata, Perlite #3 and Milled Tree Fern)

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This mix has completely blown us away with its results when used in conjunction with a regular feeding program. Great for orchids, aroids and other varieties.

This size chunk is good for plants in 4" pots up to 10" depending on what you grow.

Using only the best quality ingredients from New Zealand, this mix consists of:

Orchiata Pine Bark - Hands down the best and longest lasting pine bark on the market which is pH balanced for optimum results using natural dolomite by the manufacturer

Milled Tree Fern - New Zealand Tree Fern has become one of our best selling products and we are absolutely thrilled about it. Our tree fern is carefully milled and graded to ensure it is the finest quality and consistency with no twigs or debris in it.

Perlite #3 - We grade our perlite to remove all the smaller chunks and dust to ensure the best quality product on the market. Anyone who has ever attempted to grade their perlite for consistency will tell you what a nightmare this is, so we do it for you.

1 Gallon Ships in a Bag
4 Gallons fits perfectly into a 12"x12"x6" Box for shipping
8 Gallons fits perfectly into a 12"x12"x12" Box for shipping