International Sales

Tezula Plants can offer plants to our international friends from a wide number of US vendors, not just our own inventory. We have access to breeders Including but not limited to Silver Krome Gardens, Dr. Block, Paul Marcellini and Scott Cohen. If you are looking for something specific

Although Tezula Plants does not export directly we do work with a preferred international broker (Exotica Exportare) who also ships for several breeders here in the USA. If you already work with a US Broker, we will happily ship your order to your broker, just add their shipping address to your order at checkout. Your broker must have a US Address or you will not be able to complete your order on our website.

International Export of plants is time consuming and costly. With the way international shipping is handled/calculated by the shippers, it is often much cheaper to place a large order than to order just a few plants. If you are only ordering a few plants consider placing 
a group order with friends to help offset some of the fixed costs.


International orders received on the TEZULA PLANTS website  (Option 1 below) for 10 or more plants will be given a discount to help you offset some of the fixed international shipping costs. If a discount does not show up at the time of checkout automatically, quantity criteria has not been met or you are buying plants that are not apart of our discount program.

If you are ordering more than 25 plants, please email with your purchase order to receive a customized invoice with a bigger discount.

Wholesale International Orders - We do sell wholesale when inventory permits. Minimum order quantity for wholesale pricing is 25 Plants.

Exotica Exportare is an international exporting service and official exporter for Tezula Plants, Jay Vannini, and Dr Block. Exotica Exportare (Arthur Knott) can be reached at:

Step 1 - Contact to confirm shipping to your area is possible and confirm costs.
Step 2 - Read through all information on this page as well as information provided directly by Exotica Exportare to avoid any confusion, surprises or delays.
Step 2 - Place your order on OR with Exotica Exportare directly.

Please be aware Exotica Exportare (herein also referred to as EE) is not a subsidiary of Tezula LLC and is independently owned and operated. Tezula LLC has no operational say in their policies or handling, and the information below bas been provided by Exotica Exportare directly as of March 10, 2022.

Exotica Exportare is a USDA certified international plant brokering service. They are not a nursery.
All plants are shipped overnight (if service is available at delivery location) and billed at cost
Phytosanitary certificates will be provided at cost
Please read all terms and conditions.



1- Email for Export Requirements and Fees to your area BEFORE placing any order. If Exotica Exportare can assist you with your import, place your order on website
2- Enter the shipping details for Exotica Exportare at checkout 

First Name - Your Name
Last Name - Your Last Name
Company - Exotica Exportare LLC
Address - 538 Robert Beck Road
City - Lexington
Country - United States
State - North Carolina
Zip Code - 27292
Phone - 336-521-6275

3- Exotica Exportare will receive a copy of your order and Exotica Exportare will invoice you for their brokerage fees, Phytosanitary/permit costs, and shipping costs through their website

Exotica Exportare can curate your whole order and create one invoice for everything. Just send your wishlist and budget to for further assistance. If you plan on purchasing from multiple breeders, this is the best option for you.

Exotica Exportare Terms & Conditions:
1- All invoices must be paid in full before shipping.
2- EE is not responsible for shipping damages. This includes shipping from grower to EE and from EE to destination. 
3- EE is not responsible for damages or acclimation stress that occurs whilst plants await international departure.
4- EE is not responsible for customs seizing or destroying material for any reason. EE not responsible for lost, stolen, or for providing any insurance for material. EE will help you file a claim with carrier but DOES NOT assume ANY liability for any material.
5- client responsible for any and all customs fees/VAT and knowing these fees as they pertain to their country. 
6- can take up to 30 days for material to ship. 
7- EE is a brokerage service and does not grow or breed plants to sale. 

Exotica Exportare Fees (NON NEGOTIABLE): 
$300 for all orders under $2,000 USD
15% for all orders above $2,000 USD

This is strictly Exotica Exportare's brokerage fee and this fee DOES NOT include the cost of shipping, permits, or any customs fees which will all be billed at cost.

If all seems agreeable please contact Arthur Knott at

For any issues or concerns needing Tezula Plants attention, please email