Aroid Mix Chunky (Orchiata, Pumice & Charcoal)

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1 Gallon Bags (Approximately 3.5lbs give or take)
Precision - Good for Seedlings and same pots (3-6mm 1/8"-1/4")
Classic - 4"-6" Pots (6-9mm 1/4"-3/8")
Power - 8" pots and up (9-12mm 3/8"-1/2")
Please note this guide is what we found works for us, you should use the size you are most comfortable with if our findings in our growing conditions are different to yours.
This is a fantastic base mix and can be used as is. If you need your mix to hold a bit more water, this blend is great for adding tree fern fiber to, coco chips, coconut coir or anything else you may wish to add to it.

Mix consists of
Orchiata Pine Bark
Organic Pumice (not bleached to be a pretty bright white like some companies out there do, that was a shock to us while sourcing, who knew!)
Sustainably harvested Agricultural Charcoal

All three products are similarly sized and carefully graded.

Pumice and Charcoal have been washed to remove as much dust as possible
Orchiata Pine Bark has NOT been washed as the company uses a pH additive to make it perfect for Aroids and Orchids.