Anthurium Queen Of Hearts

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Anthurium Queen of Hearts in 6” Pots


This plant certainly needs not introduction and is the second most requested plant here at Tezula. All plants on offer were planted at the same time and are all fairly uniform in size to those depicted in the sample photos so we will not be listing them individually as we do with Ace Of Spades or Red Crystallinum

Plants are just starting to produce their adult foliage and as the plants mature, the color on the new emergent leaves will intensify significantly. Leaves mature to a deep green, the intensity of the emergent coloration and mature leaf will vary based on your growing conditions.

We do not have many of these plants in stock and even though the size of the plants is fairly uniform, as always, orders will be fulfilled from the largest to the smallest on a first come first serve basis. We follow a very strict rule, we will never ship something we would not be happy to receive ourselves, and we always ship the biggest and best we have in stock at the time an order is placed.

These plants are being grown in a mix which does exceptionally well for us here in South Florida, this does not mean our mix will work in your conditions. It is your responsibility upon the arrival of any plant you order to determine if the growing mix will work under your conditions, or if you need to repot the plant into a mix better suited to your conditions.

Policies and Damages Info:

We have been packing and shipping plants across the USA for over 20 years with great success, and we take great care to ensure the safe arrival of your order. Every box is insured, and we take pictures of each plant before shipping as well as video tape the packing process to protect all parties in the transaction. If your item arrives damaged, it is ESSENTIAL you contact us within 24 hours of recorded delivery with pictures of the damages as well as pictures of the box. This is an Insurance company requirement, NOT a Tezula Plants requirement. Failure to notify within 24 hours of delivery can result in a claim denial for which Tezula Plants will not be held responsible. PLEASE NOTE, minor damages such as snapped/torn leaves or flowers are not a covered loss, no insurance company in the United States provides coverage for “Cosmetic Shipping Damages”  on perishable products and we cannot be held responsible for these damages which occur while the package is not in the care of Tezula Plants. In the very rare event damages do occur requiring a claim be filed, you will be provided with a return label as the insurance carrier will want the damaged items as apart of their subrogation process. We do NOT issue partial refunds. 


Please know how to grow these before ordering. We are not responsible for poor culture or inexperience in growing this genus. We assure the arrival of established, healthy, disease free plants, ready for you to grow on and enjoy. We will never sell anything we would not purchase ourselves.