Premium New Zealand "Gritty" Tree Fern Fiber

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We recently purchased new machinery for our tree fern and the quality of this product is now significantly more uniform and so much easier to use than previously. The new machinery filters out even more of the "unusable" junk. This product is still only available in limited quantities so if you rely on it heavily, please plan your purchase accordingly.

We receive many inquiries if we carry any of the more fibrous tree fern which was more typically available 30+ years ago. Sadly, the plants from which that fiber was obtained are now endangered and I don't think we will ever see that product on the market again and if we do, it will probably cost an absolute fortune. What we are offering here is the off cast material of our milling machine used to create our wildly popular "Debris Free" or "Fluffy" Tree Fern which is available on another listing. it is far more gritty making it suitable for mixes using larger chunks of material such as pine bark. This product will not be in constant supply and will only be available in very limited quantities unless we invest in a new mill which we do not foresee happening in near future.

This product is supplied to us by the premium distributor of New Zealand Tree Fern. It is completely natural and NEVER treated with any chemical whatsoever. It is also sustainably harvested which was of utmost importance to us while sourcing.

1 Gallon - Ships in a resealable Tezula Bag
4 Gallon - Ships in a Box
8 Gallon - Ships in a Box