Orchid & Aroid Mix #3 - CUSTOMIZABLE - (Orchiata, Perlite #3 and Sphagnum Moss Petals) - select your options

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This mix has completely blown us away with its results when used in conjunction with a regular feeding program. Great for orchids, aroids and other varieties which require moisture but also essential air movement. This mix encourages root development and the photos show the growth of one plant repotted into this mix after 1 month while the close ups show the root formation after only 10 days on some of our test plants.

We have had such tremendous success with this mix that we are now even repotting seedlings into it straight from their community pots.

#1 - Select the quantity you need
1 Gallon Bag
4 Gallon Box 
8 Gallon Box

#2 - Select the nugget size of the pine bark. Perlite will be matched accordingly.
Precision (1/8-1/4 Inch nuggets) - Extra Small
Classic (1/4-3/8 Inch nuggets) - Small
Power (3/8-1/2 Inch nuggets) - Medium
Traditional Mix - The original formula which is a mix of 2 chunk sizes. A chunky seedling mix that can be used on everything from seedlings (a very chunky seedling mix) to mature plants

Sphagnum Moss

Normal Quantity - works great in most environments
Add More Moss - for growers where moisture retention is an issue

Using only the best quality ingredients from New Zealand, this mix consists of:

Orchiata Pine Bark - Hands down the best and longest lasting pine bark on the market which is pH balanced for optimum results using natural dolomite by the manufacturer

Besgrow Moss Petals - New Zealand is renowned for having the best sphagnum moss in the world and this stuff is pure magic. Super soft and fluffy but allowing enough moisture for the roots to breathe. this is NOT shredded sphagnum moss, there is no stem at all, only the petals of AAA grade Sphagnum.

Perlite - We grade our perlite to remove all the smaller chunks and dust to ensure the best quality product on the market. Anyone who has ever attempted to grade their perlite for consistency will tell you what a nightmare this is, so we do it for you.

1 Gallon Ships in a Bag
4 Gallons fits perfectly into a 12"x12"x6" Box for shipping
8 Gallons fits perfectly into a 12"x12"x12" Box for shipping