Premium New Zealand Sphagnum Moss Petals - 1 Gallon (+/- 85 grams)

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We have been trying to get our hands on this product for over three years and finally secured a really small amount. Not sure if we will ever be able to get our hands on it again but we are thrilled to have some in our possession.

From the leading distributor of Sphagnum moss in New Zealand comes Sphagnum Moss Petals. This product is usually shipped nearly exclusively to the Asian market where it is blended in with various mixes. I am sure it can be used on its own but to be honest we have never tried and the cost in our opinion would be prohibitive. We have been using it in some of our mixes for its fantastic antimicrobial properties, and it is amazing for germinating seed. 

This product has been so hard to find we have even seen people stick their moss in blenders (poor blender.... no margaritas for you!) to get a similar consistency but this product has one huge advantage of the blender method....... this is the petal only, not the stem and petal.

Interesting fact on this product as well, they only use Premium Sphagnum Moss, not the blended form or the lower grade forms. The things you find out when you noticeably choke in front of the account manager when you are handed your quote! :-P