Tolumnia Jairak Flyer 'Majic' - 2019

 The day I received the breeders inventory list of plants for sale, I was sitting in a restaurant having dinner. The picture of this bloom popped up on my phone and I fell in love with it instantly. They had plenty in stock, the list had only been mailed out 7 minutes earlier but something told me to get in there quick. I sent a very quick message asking for 500 to the breeder, you can imagine my shock when he came back 4 minutes later advising he could only give me 200 as they had all sold out!!!!! Over 3,000 plants sold out in 10 minutes!!!!!! We feel very fortunate to be able to offer these to you and we are keeping a few to add to our own breeding line. The flower is just stunning!

Please note, as these plants were just imported, some minor cosmetic shipping damages to some of the leaves should be expected. This damage is not detrimental and we will ensure your plants arrive safely sustaining no new damage on the way to their new homes. 

Depending on the clonal variety selected, the size of the plant will vary. These are some of the newer varieties on offer, and of late there has been a push by the breeder to produce more compact plants. 

All plants will be arriving in the USA Bare root, but we will provide thumb pots for each plant ordered. If you live in a warm tropical area, Tolumnias also make ideal landscape plants when mounted on trees. 

Tolumnia Jairak Rainbow
(Tol. Tsiku Vanessa x Tol. Catherine Wilson)

Tolumnia Jairak Firm
(Tol. Rainbow x Tol. Plush)

Tolumnia Jairak Flyer
(Tol. Jairak Firm x Tol. Jairak Rainbow)

Please know how to grow these before ordering. We are not responsible for poor culture or inexperience in growing this genus. We assure the arrival of healthy plants, ready for you to grow on and will never sell anything we would not purchase ourselves. If the post office damages your package and your plants arrive damaged, please contact us with pictures of the plants and the box so we may file a claim

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