Unique, One of a Kind Plants for the Discerning Grower & Collector

Rodrumnia Orchidom Alameda Beth x (Tolumnia Alameda Joy 'Orchidom' HCC/AOS x Rrm. Orchidom Dancer)

Breeder expecting majority of these will bloom yellow some with a blush overlay to heavy mottling. Tolumnia genetics are wild and it is not uncommon to bloom out a riot of different flower colors from the same cross.

Hybrid Tolumnias have not been an easy product to locate in recent years, with the majority of the plants on offer being cloned varieties with working names, not even registered names. These hybrids will all be completely unique, with one of a kind flowers. Tolumnias are known to produce a massive assortment of colors and patterns per seed pod, and as such the parent plants shown here are for reference only. If you are looking for an assortment (Our Choice) please look at our 10 plant package that is also on offer.

This is an excellent opportunity to start your Tolumnia collection at a very reasonable price. If you have ever seen the prices of Tolumnias at orchid shows, you will know just how pricey they can be.

All plants will be shipped BARE ROOT, and are ready to be repotted or mounted depending on your preference. If you live in a warm tropical area, Tolumnias also make ideal landscape plants when mounted on trees. Depending on the parentage, some leaves will be much larger than others, age of the plant is determined by number of growths (Fans) not the length of the leaf. All plants are mature.

Please note, as these plants were just imported, there will be some minor shipping damages to some of the leaves and roots. This damage is not detrimental and we will ensure your plants arrive safely sustaining any new damage on the way to their new homes. We have very strict quality guidelines and will only sell the best of what is available.

Please know how to grow these before ordering. We are not responsible for poor culture or inexperience in growing this genus. We assure the arrival of 10 healthy plants, ready for you to grow on. If your plants arrive damaged, please contact us with pictures of the plants and the box so we may file a claim.

The Tezula Premium Plant Program - If one of the orchids you purchase from us blooms with outstanding characteristics which are desirable for future breeding purposes, we will buy your plant back for top dollar, and provide you with a portion of all seedlings obtained from that plant. Plants without names will not be considered.