Philodendron "Moonlight"

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Images are for reference to show the size of plant you can expect to receive. We can only pack 2, 6" pots per box, if you are interested in any 2 plants from our tropical line, please email us so we can provide you with a better shipping quote.

This tropical hybrid has striking bright green new leaves that become a dark glossy green with age. Its exotic, upright, clumping form is stunning in sheltered garden beds or patio containers in mild-winter areas. A beautiful, easy to grow atrium or indoor specimen in all climates.

Plant is in a 6" pot with an average of 3 plants per pot.

You won't find this plant at a better price anywhere else with this many plants in each container!

Shipping price is at cost automatically calculated based on your zip code. We will never charge more than actual cost to ship, if an overpayment  is received for shipping, we will refund any difference and only charge you the actual cost to receive your plant, this is our promise.