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Medinilla 'Gregori Hambali'

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This has to be one of the most beautiful and unusual plants we have ever come across. With its hot pink undersides and brightly quilted leaf surface, this Medinilla is hard not to notice, especially when it is bloom as the flowers all the way down the stems. Whats even better,  this plant can bloom several times a year with its hot pink flower clusters. It's almost too much to bear. Hailing from Papau New Guinea, this plant is not often seen in collections. This is a very hard to find plant and I strongly suggest every read up more on it before purchasing this plant.

Please note due to the natural structure and leaf shape of this plant it is rather tricky to pack and ship We take great care and pride in our packing, but this is one plant where a bit of cosmetic damage might be inevitable not matter how carefully we pack the plant.

Plants are well established in 6" pots and weight up to 4lbs each.

The one this which drives us crazy about this plant is the fuzzy velvet leaf. It is extremely beautiful but our greenhouse is close to a very busy road. You would be amazed at what we have found stuck to the leaves from the nearby road and we frequently have to brush the leaves clean (Who said Gardening is not an adventure!)