Anthurium Red Crystallinum "Tezula Dreamweaver" x Anthurium Dorayaki (F7)

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AUGUST UPDATE - These seedlings are really starting to come into their own and we are seeing emergent color popping through!!! Everything we can see about this hybrid so far indicates it is going to be a beautiful compact plant like Dorayaki with a dash of color from Red Crystallinum. We are officially starting to get excited about these!

Large seedlings growing in 3-4" pots with a minimum of three leaves. Tezula Dreamweaver is one of the most intensely colored Red Crystallinum we have ever seen and we deliberately paired it with a 7th generation Fukushima Dorayaki which are known to produce the best shaped Dorayaki on beautiful compact plants. We tried to make this cross before using a regular Red Crystallinum and not a single plant produced even a hint of coloration, but of wow the shape and presentation were incredible. After that failure we decided to use Tezula Dreamweaver and are thrilled to see some faint coloration coming through. Dorayaki genes are exceptionally strong, even seeing coloration at this early stage is amazing. These plants are still young and are nowhere near producing mature adult foliage, so there is a chance their true splendor will only come out when the adult leaves show up, or at least that would be a hybridizers dream come true but some plants will absolutely resemble Dorayaki more! Even if the coloration does not intensify, the shape and presentation on these should be stunning. Plants will be fulfilled by quality with the best quality being shipped out first.

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Please note this plant was listed under the wrong name incorrectly for a few days but the error has been fixed. We apologize for and confusion this may have caused.