Anthurium carlablackiae x Anthurium besseae AFF - (Last 2 Available)

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Everyone snubbed their nose at this hybrid when we offered the seedlings and it has turned out to be one of the prettiest carrying the best of both parents over to many of its progeny. The international market saw its potential and snapped up 99% of the hybrids and we are truly regretting not keeping more of these for ourself. These are the last plants we will be offering of this hybrid, leaves were damaged by a windstorm a while back but the stem is strong and the plant is well established in a 6" pot. Just needs some TLC so she can really show off to the world and trust me they are total show offs.

Please know how to grow these plants before buying. We will not be held responsible for decline due to improper culture ir incorrect growing conditions once these plants leave our facilities. We assure the arrival of healthy, happy plants, it is your responsibility to keep them that way. If the mail carrier damages your plant, you have 24 hours to make us aware of the situation from the recorded date of delivery.