Anthurium (papillilaminum x magnificum) x Anthurium luxurians - Growers Choice

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Large seedlings growing in 3-4" pots with a minimum of three leaves. Anthurium luxurians is an exceptionally dominant parent which we paired with one of our nicest and easiest to grow pap mags we have. We are not growing these in low light levels, we want them to grow fast so we can assess them but if they were growing in low light, their coloration would be much much darker. Anyone who has seen any of the luxurians hybrids out there will tell you they all look pretty much the same, so we decided to try and at least compliment the leaf shape of luxurians with this pairing. As they mature, they are definitely going to take on more and more luxurians attributes. Expect some nice dark leaves in the future that are very luxurian-esque. These seedlings will be fulfilled from the largest to the smallest on a first come first serve basis.

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Please know how to grow these plants before buying. We will not be held responsible for decline due to improper culture ir incorrect growing conditions once these plants leave our facilities. We assure the arrival of healthy, happy plants, it is your responsibility to keep them that way. If the mail carrier damages your plant, you have 24 hours to make us aware of the situation from the recorded date of delivery.