Anthurium sp. Black Velvet Eastern Panama (Anthurium BVEP)

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Anthurium Sp. Black Velvet Eastern Panama is a gorgeous plant which does seen to produce quite a bit of variation. Leaves tend to remain rather elongated until the plants are a good size at which point the leaves become far more round (at least that is the experience we have had with all 10 or so of our breeding plants)

Plants are well established and growing in 4"-5" pots and will be fulfilled from the largest with best characteristics to the smallest. If you are looking for something specific, there are individual listings for this plant as well but they are not on sale and will not be offered at a discount as they have been selected for their individual characteristics

We have had many people contact us asking for the form which produces  a deep berry colored emergent, and some of these seedlings will have those genes, but sadly, again from our experience, once the plants hit maturity that emergent coloration nearly completely disappears