Anthurium Zara x Self (2022 Block New Release)

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Zara is the registered name for the plant most of us fell in love with and knew, or came to know as "DocBlock" or "Dr. Block"

The emergent leaf on Zara is a magnificent vibrant ruby with strong undertones of purple. You can see more of the parent here: Anthurium Zara

We have been keeping a very close eye on this selfing as I was really hoping to see some intense coloration come out but so far it would appear that the coloration on the mother plant remains unique, with all the progeny producing leaves very similar to the other crosses with similar ancestry (Those Tim Anderson genes are strong!) With that being said, we have had two absolute stunners come out of this batch so far which have been moved to the breeding program, but they definitely did not look like "mom" Who knows, maybe that intense ruby coloration will show up later on the adult leaves. Even if it doesn't we are still seeing some nice things come from this cross so far and they have not even started to produce their adult leaves which is when the magic really starts to happen.

Plants are well established in 5" pots. The sample picture shows a plant on the larger side of which we do have a few in stock, but the plant you receive might be slightly smaller. All plants will have a minimum of three leaves but no mature adult leaves. Plants will be fulfilled on a first come first serve basis from largest to smallest, and best shape and color. Any exceptional forms identified will be sold as premium plants in their own exclusive listing

Plants are shipped via UPS 3 Day Air within mainland USA, and USPS to Hawaii and Puerto Rico. If you want to upgrade your shipping to a faster service, please email us after you have made your purchase and we will send you a revised invoice.

Please know how to grow these plants before buying. We will not be held responsible for decline due to improper culture ir incorrect growing conditions once these plants leave our facilities. We assure the arrival of healthy, happy plants, it is your responsibility to keep them that way. If the mail carrier damages your plant, you have 24 hours to make us aware of the situation from the recorded date of delivery.