Anthurium sp. undescribed x Anthurium papillilaminum "Ree Gardens" - NEW RELEASE

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This hybrid was made purely for fun and so far it has exceeded our wildest expectations. The seed took nearly a year to ripen, and hands down these have been the slowest seedlings of any cross we have made to date to grow. It was not until we moved the seedlings into warmer conditions that they suddenly started to grow and the results have been very exciting.

The mother plant was given to us as a gift as an undescribed species. The presentation was absolutely superb with very elongated dark green leaves with some interesting white veining. Sadly the mother plant did not survive our "Extended stay" in Africa at the onset of COVID, but we still have a stump which we are hoping will one day sprout again for us as the stem and roots are still green and healthy. We asked a few people if they had any idea what the plant might be, all came back as unknown but Jay Vannini said it was identical to what he calls a naturally occurring Hybrid Swarm involving rioclarense as a parent (IT IS NOT RIOCLARENSE WILD HYBRID!) We made two crosses with the plant and this one is producing the most extraordinary long leaves, but we still have no idea what it will look like when mature. We have set quite a few of these aside for further assessment just because the results so far have been so unexpected.

This listing is for growers choice and plants will be fulfilled from the largest to the smallest on a first come first serve basis. We will also select plants based on desirable attributes we identify.

All plants are well established in 4" pots with some already needing to be repotted into a larger pot. As this is a growers choice listing, the sample photos are an accurate example of the size of the plant you will receive.

As many of you are aware, UPS and USPS updated their insurance policies for live plants in 2022 and any damages other than a lost box is now specifically excluded on their policy. we have been packing plants since 2002 and will always pack any order received to arrive in great condition, but with that being said we have zero control over how the mail carriers handle, move, store or treat our packages while in their care and we will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the mail carriers. We video the packing of every box for liability purposes to protect all parties. You can buy third party insurance for your order (we are grandfathered in on an ABIC policy) on our website, if this additional coverage interests you please search for "Shipping insurance" on our website and be sure to read the description. MINOR COSMETIC DAMAGES ARE NOT COVERED UNDER ANY POLICY, 

Please know how to grow these plants before buying. We will not be held responsible for decline due to improper culture ir incorrect growing conditions once these plants leave our facilities. We assure the arrival of healthy, happy plants, it is your responsibility to keep them that way. If the mail carrier damages your plant, you have 24 hours to make us aware of the situation from the recorded date of delivery.