Anthurium Red Crystallinum - Experimental Cross with Pink Forms

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Several months ago we hinted that we were experimenting with breeding a few new lines of Red Crystallinum. As I am sure everyone already knows, Red Crystallinum produce an exceptionally wide range of emergent coloration and we thought, wouldn't it be awesome if we tried to create lines where the coloration would be more predictable. This cross was made with two of the nicest pinks we had and much to our surprise, it would appear from the first test run, this pink coloration is not as prevalent in the offspring as we would have liked. Less than 5% carried coloration similar to the parents with the vast majority being a very boring green. We are keeping two of the best plants from this crop to see what will happen with the next generation and the rest, well..... this is it, there won't be any more from this cross. These are still really pretty though and it should be very interesting to watch them mature.

Anthurium Red Crystallinum  with pink emergent leaves grown from seed. 

All plants are grown in 5” pots with a minimum of 3 leaves. Plants are well established and will be shipped in pot. Ship via UPS 3 Day Air.