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Anthurium Red Crystallinum #20 (F2) - 4" Pots

Anthurium Red Crystallinum "Tezula Dreamweaver" x Anthurium Red Crystallinum "Tezula Necromancer"


Grown from seed using two superior forms.

As any plant breeder will tell you, it is very rare that every plant out of a single cross will look the same. This genetic variance can be quite significant, especially when dealing with Anthurium Red Crystallinum which can produce soft pink, red or even purple emergent leaves. We have been breeding orchids for over 30 years and the orchid community follows something I really wish more people in the aroid community did, the assigning of varietal names to certain plants to distinguish certain desirable traits. Tezula Plants is adopting this model and this will be the first release of our seedlings following this plan. 

Plants on offer under this listing are second generation (F2) seedlings obtained by crossing one of our darkest mature leaved Red Crystallinums with one of our Red Crystallinums with exquisite dark purple/hot pink emergent coloration. It is the first step in trying to create a more consistent line, there will still be genetic variance, but as each generation proceeds, that gap will hopefully start to close. We are hoping these will produce beautiful dark mature foliage with some really vibrant emergent colors. 

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time second generation Red Crystallinums are being offered. 

These plants are all growing in 4" Pots
They should be repotted as soon as possible, some are top heavy
What you see is what you get, the plant in the pictures is the actual plant you will receive
These plants ship for free via UPS
As these plants get older, we are expecting the color to intensify even more, many are already showing outstanding coloration and technically they haven't produced any mature leaves yet but are very close.

As the main interest in these plants is the merging leaf color, I have focused more so on the colored leaf than the rest of the plant. 

Plants will be shipped in pot.

We reserve the right to monitor weather to ensure your plant will arrive safely. If all is clear, your plant will be shipping within 7 business days of being ordered. We prefer to only ship on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when possible.