Anthurium peltigerum "Chocolate"

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Anthurium peltigerum “Chocolate” is a plant which caused quite a stir a few weeks ago on social media when the pictures first appeared of it in South America. There is quite literally no information available for it online and believe me we have looked. So, is this really a peltigerum that is chocolatey or an undescribed species warranting the aff. abbreviation, we honestly do not know (i’m leaning towards aff but I’m certainly not qualified to make that distinction). All i can say is these plants are absolutely gorgeous (We are keeping a few for our private collection to see just what they can do when bigger) and to the best of our knowledge this is the first time they are being offered in the USA. Clearly based on the older leaves, this chocolatey color is an emergent only quality as the leaves do appear to mature to a green color.

So, here are the important facts to know before you consider purchasing one of these:

#1 - These plants are being sold on the behalf of our retail partners at Silver Krome Gardens
#2 - These were very recently imported and are NOT established. As with many imports, the root system is far from developed, I would classify these as germinated chunks requiring the necessary care so they develop a stronger root system than they currently have. 
#3 - They will remain in the growing medium they were received in and not repotted into another mix to reduce stress
#4 - All plants are fairly uniform in size and coloration, Silver Krome Gardens will provide us with the plants to distribute for orders on a first come first serve basis from largest to smallest 
#5 - I once again reiterate this is a brand new import, it is not established and I would classify these as lightly rooted chunks. Recent imports do sulk and go through a transition period, by purchasing from this listing you acknowledge this and understand the risk, there will be no refunds should any of these plants deteriorate upon arrival. In light of this we do recommend this plant only for the more experienced grower.

If you have your heart set on these but want a plant that is more established, there are none, we will all have to wait for these plants to establish themselves and hopefully they don't sell out before. 

These plants are also available for WALK IN CUSTOMERS at Silver Krome Gardens, any shipping required needs to be conducted through this listing.

Price includes the cost of 2 day shipping, should you wish to upgrade to overnight shipping there is an option on the listing