Anthurium ottonis - Exceptionally Rare Birds Nest Form - 4" pot seedlings

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We were exceptionally fortunate to acquire some seed of this plant and we could hardly believe our luck. There is very little information available about this plant due to its scarcity and to be very honest we do not know much about it ourselves. We are keeping a handful of these seeds for ourselves to grow up and dispersing the rest of the extremely limited inventory. there were a few circulating around 2010 and 2011 but we cannot find anyone who has those plants, if you happen to know of someone who does and they can send us a picture of a mature plant, we would greatly appreciate it

If rare or uncommon plants are your thing, this plant is a perfect fit for you.

What little we know about this plant is that it is not going to turn into a huge birds nest like the ones more commonly seen. Leaves will remain erect, elongated and not very wide. They have grown exceptionally well for us in the time we have had them and appear to hold a good number of leaves at a time.