Anthurium Michelle x Anthurium Michelle (TPIE Show Best New Flowering Plant Award 2022)

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Anthurium Michelle is undoubtably one of the prettiest plants in the private collection of Dr. Block which is why the plant carries the name of his wife Michelle. This plant was recently exhibited at the TPIE show where it was awarded Best New Flowering Plant for 2022. Dr. Block has been line breeding these plants and this is the first time these plants are being made available.

The plants are all growing in 5" pots and there will be genetic diversity between the plants as they are seed grown. These have not started to produce the near adult or adult leaves leaves yet and all the plants look nearly identical to the plants in the picture. As the plants get bigger, emergent color is going to start to show up and then the plants will be priced accordingly to quality. This is an excellent opportunity to get your hands on large seedlings before the price goes up. Please note seeing as all the plants are nearly identical with no adult coloration yet, this listing is being offered as growers choice only! Orders will be fulfilled on a first come first serve basis from the largest to the smallest plants. Sample photos are an excellent example of the current size of the plants.

Plants are shipped via UPS within mainland USA, and USPS to Hawaii and Puerto Rico

Connoisseur collectors, we will be pulling the best from this breeding line as they mature and selling them in their own listings showing the exact plant on offer for a premium as they become available.


Please know how to grow these plants before buying. We will not be held responsible for decline due to improper culture ir incorrect growing conditions once these plants leave our facilities. We assure the arrival of healthy, happy plants, it is your responsibility to keep them that way. If the mail carrier damages your plant, you have 24 hours to make us aware of the situation from the recorded date of delivery.