Anthurium "Kerrich Pumpkin"

Great news! We finally found a box strong enough to be able to ship up to 4 plants grown in 6" pots in a single box!

Please note as with all other 'orange' Anthuriums, the flower color is significantly dependent on temperature. In the Florida summer heat (May-October) the colors will be washed out until our temperatures come down. This is an absolutely stunning plant and worthy of a spot in any collection.

These are all well established plants in 6” pots with a strong root system often with more than one plant per pot unless specified otherwise in the listing description.

Please note these plants are NOT the usual plants you see on offer that are recently transplanted from plugs. These plants are large, lush  and well established plants with an excellent root system. Each plant weighs on average 4lbs. The plant cannot be shipped via First Class Mail due to weight and height restrictions and even bare rooting the plants will still require Priority Mail service. We will always try our best to find a plant in bloom to ship to you and always select plants for shipping on a first come first served basis with the largest and fullest plants shipping first.

Please know how to grow these before ordering. We are not responsible for poor culture or inexperience in growing this genus. We assure the arrival of healthy, disease free plants, ready for you to grow on and will never sell anything we would not purchase ourselves. If the post office damages your package and your plants arrive damaged, please contact us with pictures of the plants and the box so we may file a claim.