Anthurium x "Justin" (Anthurium Crystal Mag x Anthurium subsignatum)

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Bred by Justin Shuman and grown by Silver Krome Gardens. Pictures of parents are the last two images in this listing.

I fall in love a little bit more with every new leaf that comes out on these guys and I cant wait to see what they look like mature. the variation amongst these seedlings is huge, which is why we are actually listing each plant individually so you can pick exactly which characteristic appeals to you the most. Now with that in mind, it is summer here and the plants are growing super fast, so you will only be able to pick your plant for the next two weeks (June 14th is the last day) before this listing will be converted to a growers choice listing.......... or i will be spending all my time taking pictures trying to keep up with their growth rate! :)

Plants are very well established, grown from seed and are in 4" pots. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU REPOT THESE ASAP, THEY ARE READY FOR A BIGGER POT! 

Plants will be shipped in pot. via UPS 3 Day Air. We only ship plants on Mondays and Tuesdays.