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Anthurium andraeanum "Vanilla" - SOLD OUT

 A magnificent new release being offered for the first time in the USA. "Vanilla" is a gorgeous soft yellow Anthurium which many regard as being the gateway plant to breeding more yellow Anthuriums for the industry. When we first saw this plant in Europe, we could barely control our excitement and immediately started working on getting some to the USA.

Plants are grown in 4" pots and will be ready to move into 6" pots within the next few months. Bloom size will increase as the flowers mature. This is a very floriferous plant and often puts on a wonderful display of flowers.

Please know how to grow these before ordering. We are not responsible for poor culture or inexperience in growing this genus. We assure the arrival of healthy, disease free plants, ready for you to grow on and will never sell anything we would not purchase ourselves. If the post office damages your package and your plants arrive damaged, please contact us with pictures of the plants and the box so we may file a claim.

All orders are  fulfilled on a first come first serve basis from the largest and fullest to the smallest.