Alocasia macrorrhiza var. Lutea (Golden Elephant Ear)

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Alocasia macrorhiza var. Lutea

These are well established plants in 6” pots with a strong root system.

The color on this plant is just out of this world! With age and a bit more light the stems will become a glorious golden yellow color accenting the green leaves beautifully! There are some fantastic examples of specimens plants on good if you search for the name.

The pictures do this plant no real justice, it is a gorgeous color with magnificent leaf shape. Images on file are for reference of what you will receive.

Please note these plants are NOT the usual plants you see on offer that are recently transplanted from plugs. These plants are full, well established plants with a well developed root system and therefore very heavy. The plant cannot be shipped via First Class Mail. Priority Mail is the only option due to the weight and size of the plant. 

We cannot combine orders for these auctions at this time and all plants on auction in 6” pots will need to be packed and shipped individually. 

Shipping price is at cost automatically calculated based on your zip code. We will never charge more than actual cost to ship, if an overpayment  is received for shipping, we will refund any difference. 

Please know how to grow these before ordering. We are not responsible for poor culture or inexperience in growing this genus. We assure the arrival of healthy, disease free plants, ready for you to grow on and will never sell anything we would not purchase ourselves. If the post office damages your package and your plants arrive damaged, please contact us with pictures of the plants and the box so we may file a claim.