4 Seeds - JMMA Drunk In Love x Moorea Tricky Brown

New Arrivals from the Charles Atiu 2017 breeding line. These hybrids are available exclusively trough Tezula Plants and are not available anywhere else.

Cost is $3.00 per seed, 


1 - Hibiscus seed is NOT easy to grow. If you have never grown them before, i caution you to proceed with all due caution necessary.

2 - Not all seeds will germinate and it is impossible to determine in face value which seed is viable and which is not without cutting into the seed.

3 - The more complex the breeding line, the trickier the seed can be to germinate. These crosses are highly speculative and very complex, especially when dealing with the darker color forms.

4 - Make sure you have done your research on how to grow them from seed, these are not hardy hibiscus, they are tropical hibiscus.

4 - THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR REPLACEMENTS FOR ANY SEEDS THAT WILL NOT GROW. You acknowledge this risk upon purchase of any seed on this page or through Tezula Plants. We assure all seeds on offer are fresh being recently harvested, but not every seed will grow, thats just the way it is in nature and no test has been devised to date to determine the growers from the duds. 

We are not responsible for poor culture, poor growing conditions, poor germination or lack of knowledge in caring for these plants/seeds. Once again, It is your responsibility to research their care, culture, germination and growing. 

We take extreme measures to ensure the safe arrival of your package. If you order arrives damaged, YOU MUST NOTIFY US WITHIN 48 HOURS OF RECEIVING THE PACKAGE, AND PROVIDE PICTURES OF THE DAMAGE.

Why are there 2 flowers in each listing? 

Per international breeding standards for all plants, all hybrids are listed as “pod parent x pollen parent,” or simply put, the flower on the left is the mother while the father is listed on the right.


What will the flowers look like?

The Tropical Hibiscus gene pool is extensive and extremely complex. Some seeds will bloom similar to a single parent, some with traits from each parent, and some will bloom with completely unexpected results, this is what makes growing hibiscus so rewarding and so much fun. It is impossible to truly predict the end results.